Horizon Monitorship

What is the Horizon Monitorship?

The Horizon Monitorship stems from a voluntary agreement (Horizon Voluntary Agreement) entered into by the City of New York, Administration of Children Services (ACS), and the Monitor (Steve J. Martin) concerning the operation of Horizon and the management and supervision of adolescent offenders housed at that facility. During the term of the agreement (November 12, 2020 through June 30, 2022), the monitoring team will file with the Court three public reports describing the efforts the ACS has undertaken to implement the requirements of the agreement and assessing the extent to which ACS has complied with the requirements, and provide technical assistance with respect to the implementation of the agreement’s requirements and the adoption of best practices in the field of juvenile justice. The professionals at Tillid Group are an integral part of the monitoring team that manages the implementation and compliance assessments of the agreement.


For further background on the basis for the Horizon Voluntary Agreement, details are provided in the Horizon Stipulation by Nunez Parties.

Horizon Voluntary Agreement

Monitor Reports

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