Written by tillidadmin on November 12, 2017 in Reports

This is the second report of the independent court-appointed Monitor, Steve J. Martin, as
mandated by the Consent Judgment in Nunez v. City of New York et. al., 11-cv-5845 (LTS) (SDNY).
This report provides a summary and assessment of the work completed by the New York City
Department of Correction (“the Department” or “DOC”) and the Monitoring Team to advance the
reforms in the Consent Judgment during the Second Monitoring Period, which covers March 1, 2016 to
July 31, 2016 (“Second Monitoring Period”).

The Department manages 12 inmate facilities, nine of which are located on Rikers Island. In
addition, the Department operates two hospital Prison Wards (Bellevue and Elmhurst hospitals) and
court holding facilities in the Criminal, Supreme, and Family Courts in each borough. The provisions in
the Consent Judgment include a wide range of reforms intended to create an environment that protects
both uniformed individuals employed by the Department (“Staff” or “Staff Member”) and inmates, and
to dismantle the decades-long culture of violence in these facilities, as well as targeted reforms to ensure
the safety and proper supervision of inmates under the age of 19 (“Young Inmates”). The Department
employs approximately 9,375 uniformed officers and 1,707 civilian employees and detains an average
daily population of 9,900 inmates (“Inmates”).
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